Bound By Symmetry

Reasons why I can't sleep tonight:

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I only took the middle photograph in the set, our friend Meagan was on the side with my Camera while Daniel and I later crossed the Deception Pass bridge from underneath. Nerve racking, but life affirming.

[More Photography from Michael LaMartin.]

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Love by Serena


Love by Serena

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Mount Rainier National Park, Kevin Russ

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The Blow - Come On Petunia


The Blow | Come On Petunia

In these towns where vacations will lead us
I’ll hold out my treasures and their wealth will feed us
But oh, she does as she wishes
And no, she won’t be your missus
The kingdom but widens and you’re there alone
With all that love and the void on your throne

nova-r asked: Wow, you are so gorgeous and interesting looking and you have such good taste, just omg <3

You are sooo sweet, thank you!


Ruins of Baalbek in the snow (Temple of Jupiter)

Photo cred: AFP

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Illustrations by Brigitte May website l shop l fb

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